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  • Wellness with Nature offers virtual consult. What does that mean?
    Due to Covid-19, we have all seen things move in the virtual space, right from work, gym, yoga classes, dance/music classes, art lessons to virtual therapy appointments. Telehealth has become the norm of communicating with your health care provider. On the same lines, Wellness with Nature, is bringing homeopathy to your doorsteps; just book an appointment by clicking on the service that you wish to book for. Do book with a valid email. A confirmation of the appointment will be sent to your email with a link to join via a video meeting. It is that simple to start your wellness journey.
  • What is a Homeopathic consult?
    A homeopathic consult is a way for me to learn,mindfully listen how your life has been so far. It is the most important part of your homeopathic journey. During the consult, I will be asking questions regarding family history, medical history, cravings, aversions, food allergies, any other allergies, sleep patterns, dreams and much more. I will note the answers as we go along. Please remember the better you describe and elaborate your symptoms; including any unusual or unimportant or unique symptoms, the better it is. Remember Homeopathy takes into account the mental picture as well, so be prepared to talk about your feelings, frustrations, and things that bother you the most. At Wellness with Nature, we offer a complete virtual experience. Once you book the appointment online, there will be confirmatory email sent to you; that email will have a video link so we can meet virtually. However, if you wish to just use some of the programs you are comfortable with, for examples - iphone facetime, whats ap video call, or Skype or Zoom video call or a simple phone call; we can quickly move to that application. Any thing that works for you. Also, there will be Consultation agreement forms to signed and returned before or during the start of the consult.
  • What are the next steps after the consult?
    You will be prescribed a remedy that best matches your symptom picture. Either within a day or sometimes it may take a few days. I will tell you name and potency of the remedy. Help you find it in your local area. Homeopathic remedies are available in Whole Foods, PCC, Super Supplements, Vitamin Life and Intergrative Pharmacy stories as well. Also, there are several different homeopathic online pharmacies as well. Explain how to take the medicine.
  • How long will I need the treatment?
    It really depends on how chronic the condition is. If it has been developing for years it will not disappear overnight. Like I said no two cases are alike, you will have to be patient. It is much better than just taking medicines to alleviate the symptoms. Think about it this way, with Homeopathy you tackling the root cause not just the outward symtpoms.
  • How to take the Homoeopathic remedies?
    Please take them on a clean palate, so make sure 10 minutes before and after you don't eat or drink anything. Coffee, peppermint should be avoided while taking the remedies. If you can't avoid atleast don't take them immediately before and after taking the remedy.
  • Can I treat myself with Homeopathy?
    You can use Homeopathic remedies for minor issues at home if you have some understanding of how the remedies work. First aid remedies, travel remedies are handy for everyone. For busy moms with active kids, knowing a few of these homeopathic remedies can make a huge difference. It truly will act as a blessing for the whole family. However, for constitutional prescribing you should consult a homeopath. Constitutional prescribing is where the homeopath takes a detailed case history, takes into account your mind and body symptoms.
  • Do homeopathic remedies interact with other medications?
    Homeopathic remedies do not interact with other conventional medications, you will never be asked to discontinue your prescription medication. As your overall health improves and your body starts to heal with homeopathic medications, there are chances you will need a reduced dose or able to wean off your prescription medications. Never stop taking presciption medicines without consulting your doctor. If there is significant difference in your health then at that point, I will work with your doctor to find a new schedule for you to follow.
  • Can children take Homeopathy?
    Yes, they benefit the most with Homeopathy. A lot of suffering can be avoided if the right remedy is given at the right time. Children respond beautifully to gentle homeopathic remedies. It truly is a mother's best friend when it comes to treating little ones.
  • Does Insurance cover Homeopathy?
    Some Insurance companies cover a Naturopathic consult, in those cases some times Homeopathy is covered under insurance. However, you will have to call your insurance to figure that out. Since my practice does not take insurance, my prices are significantly lower than a regular Naturopathic doctor vist. A regular Naturopath first visit starts anywhere between $500 to $700. If you are interested in a Naturopathic practice, I can certainly recommend some good doctors I work with in the greater Seattle area.
  • Can my Naturopathic doctor prescribe Homeopathy?
    The answer is yes and no, both. Why? Because a Naturopath can give a lot of different treatment options, like vitamin infusion therapy, chelation, enemas, detox, chinese herbal medicine, physical medicine, acupuncture, ayurvedic herbs and also prescribe Homeopathy. However, what I have seen is only few Naturapaths are actually doing classical homeopathy, which is to take a detailed Homeopathic case of the person and based on that give a single constitutional remedy. If you are interested in seeing a Naturopath, please let me know. I can recommend some Naturopaths with a focus on Homeopathy around this area.
  • What does the Consultation Agreement cover?
    The Consultation agreement form explains in what capacity will I be working with you. It has some basic house keeping rules listed as well. Client will be asked to sign and submit the form before the virtual appointment.
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